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Wet-on-Wet Slot Die Coating Added
New Era Converting Machinery
, Hawthorne, NJ, USA; 201/670-4848;
Company has added wet-on-wet slot die coating technology to its range of specialty coating equipment, which includes a broad range of roll coating configurations as well as slot die application of 100% solids coatings, aqueous- and solvent-based solutions, and hot melt adhesives. The dual-die technique reportedly has been applied successfully to the production of sophisticated web-based products.

Lay Down Precision Patterns
Applied Films Corp.
, Longmont, CO, USA; 303/774-3200;
Company offers an advanced pattern module as an option for its Multimet capacitor film coating system. Module is said to produce sharp, finely defined structures down to 0.1 mm and to offer precision, high-speed metallizing. Capable of depositing aluminum and zinc on base substrates down to 0.7 microns.

Blankets Have Resistant Surface
Phoenix North America
, Fords, NJ, USA; 732/346-5353
Topaz Carat blankets for offset printing feature a compressible intermediate layer that, together with a highly resistant surface layer, guarantees a long service life and outstanding printing results, company says. Surface layer can stand up to switching between UV and conventional inks, and special fabric treatment ensures consistently low elongation.

Boats Boast New Benefits
Wacker Ceramics
, Adrian, MI, USA; 517/264-8842;
LaserMet two-component boats are based on DiMet material. With the laser surface treatment, electrical conductivity has been improved. Key benefits are said to be improved wetting behavor related to temperature and time; a more homogeneous metallization; and longer service life.

Metallizer Is Enhanced
Galileo Vacuum Systems
, East Grandy, CT, USA; 678/513-0303;
Company announces the V8 is enhanced with newly designed evaporators and clamping system, allowing it to achieve metallizing speeds to 2,750 fpm (840 mpm) with an aluminum deposition rate of 2.2 O.D. Handles rolls to 65 in. wide. Special versions include capabilities for paper metallizing, striping, and window metallizing, as well as high refractive index material deposition.

Plate Mounters Announced
Eurograv Ltd.
, Byfleet, Surrey, England; +44 (0) 1932 336262;
New models of the Camis sleeve change plate mounters include the Irisleeve 600 and Irisleeve 1200. The 600 is fitted with a plate-mounting table, tape unwind system, and plate pressure roller. An integral sleeve mandrel is built into the side frame, and carrier sleeves are accommodated easily on the ergonomic design. The 1200, a complete mounting system for new meter-plus gearless presses, is fitted with the Taper-Side tape application system, plate-mounting table, plate pressure roller, motorized cameras, and electronic gearless dividing head.

Flexo Expose Wide Webs
Cortron Corp.
, Minneapolis, MN, USA; 763/572-1555;
The second model of eXact high-definition flexo exposure system, designated 5280, provides the same quality enhancements of the 3040 in a larger format. Can expose any material to 52 x 80 in. and utilizes the patented liquid-cooled mercury plasma capillary light source. Company says the system offers an inexpensive alternative to CTP for the wide web industry and enhances the quality of CTP plates.

Ordering Software Saves Time
Screen (USA)
, Rolling Meadows, IL, USA; 847/870-7400;
Eorder 1.5 software is a modular workflow component of company's JDF-compliant Truflownet concept. It streamlines the ordering of dynamic and static documents for small- to medium-size printers. Said to reduce job cycle times, lower costs, and improve productivity.

Boats Are Optimized for Wetout
GE Advanced Ceramics
, Strongsville, OH, USA; 440/878-5700; 800/822-4322;
StabilizerPlus IMC boats are said to represent a significant leap in resistive evaporation boat technology. Boats are optimized to improve the wetout characteristic without increasing the corrosion rate of the ceramic base material. Company reports boats offer faster initial stability; longer operational stability; improved deposition uniformity; fewer changeovers; and 20% more linear ft/boat set.

Cable Kit for Treater Offered
Pillar Technologies
, Hartland, WI, USA; 262/367-3060;
The Safe-T-Flex connection cable kit is called a safer, economical method of connecting the high-voltage transformer to a corona treater. Cable is flexible and can be safety wire-tied to support beams without insulating standoffs.

Rewinder Lowers Costs
, Goddard, KS; 800/961-6449;
Surface-driven rewinder is said to offer the same low-high tension flexibility of a standard shaft-drive rewinder at much less cost. Rewinder decreases shaft-related workplace injuries and speeds roll changes, company notes. Compact, portable unit features durable steel construction and low-tension brake for gentle handling of material. Options available.

Drives Are Cost-Effective
Danfoss Drives
, Loves Park, IL, USA; 815/639-8600;
VLT 5000 FLUX Series drives provide up to 500 hp of dynamic flux vector control for closed loop applications. Top benefit is said to be the ability to provide cost-effective, direct control of the motor shaft. Company says result is servo-like performance with a greater response time than standard general-purpose control.

Measure Thin Coatings
Scalar Acquisition Technology
, Livingston, West Lothian, UK; +44 (0) 1506 414806;
ScalarGauge F is a complete control and management system designed to measure the thickness of very thin coatings applied to plastic film. Noncontact system uses the latest optical technology and will operate at any speed. Fully automated system measures coating thickness from several microns down to 1 nanometer.

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