Toray Introduces New Printable Lidding Film


NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI—New FDA-compliant, heat sealable LumiLid XLS5 polyester lidding film from Toray Plastics (America) features an improved adhesion-promoting surface, said to offer excellent receptivity to water-based and solvent inks and adhesives. Ideal applications include FDA-compliant dual ovenable, sterilization, hot fill, fresh, refrigerated and frozen foods, dairy, wet and dry convenience foods, desserts, beverages, and snacks, as well as cap lining for medical and pharmaceutical packaging applications.

LumiLid XLS5 technology combines Toray's original LumiLid XL5 lidding film with a coextruded primed surface that allows the film to be printed. LumiLid XLS5 can be corona treated if desired and over lacquer can be applied to protect graphics. It seals cleanly and securely, and is made without solvents. The film’s thick sealant layer forms a hermetic seal through food that may be on the container lip. Additionally, there is no sealant residue on the tray or cup lip when the lid is peeled off. LumiLid┬« XLS5 also resists shredding. The flm has a broad sealant range, good hot tack, handles well on high-speed equipment, and is easy to convert on. It also offers good thermal stability and mechanical properties, including high strength, dimensional stability, and optical clarity.


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