Specialty Packaging Is Now Independent

 EAST WINDSOR, CT | Specialty Printing has spun off its packaging and distribution business and now will operate independently under the name Specialty Packaging.

According to managing partner Christopher L. Orsini, “Although it was started as a division of Specialty Printing, we always intended for Specialty Packaging to become a separate company in short order.” Other managing partners include Keith Streib and Donald D. McLeod. All three are co-owners of the company, along with William Bailey, president and CEO of Specialty Printing.

Specialty Packaging’s capabilities include package design, sourcing, distribution, and logistics. It provides customers with packaging and shipping products. Primary markets served include food packaging, general manufacturing, and distribution centers. Specialty Packaging also has an in-house packaging equipment department and offers customers new and used equipment, along with parts and service.

Specialty Packaging continued its rapid growth with the recent merger of D. McLeod Packaging, which now occupies a 50,000-sq-ft distribution center in East Windsor. Orsini says that, in spite of the challenges of the current economy, Specialty Packaging is beginning its official first year in business with projected revenues of $16 million.

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