Aladdin Temp-Rite Improves Sheet Process with Davis-Standard

Davis-Standard Thermatic extruderPAWCATUCK, CT | The addition of a Davis-Standard extruder has strengthened production for leading healthcare foodservice supplier Aladdin Temp-Rite. Aladdin recently upgraded an existing sheet line with a Davis-Standard 4 ½-in. (114 mm) vented Thermatic extruder. Since the installation in September 2011, Aladdin has improved processing rates by 30% and has noticed a marked difference in temperature and quality control.

“This is our first Davis-Standard extruder. We chose Davis-Standard based on quality, price, and reputation. They did an exceptional job of assimilating the extruder into our existing line and we’ve been very pleased with the results,” said Phil Scruggs, Aladdin’s plant manager. “From start to finish, the service has been very responsive. We would absolutely purchase more Davis-Standard equipment in the future.”

Aladdin is using the extruder to process impact polypropylene sheet with filler at 12–27 mils in thickness. This sheet is used in all types of foodservice products including cups, bowls, lids, and food trays. In addition to the extruder, Aladdin purchased a touchscreen Allen Bradley PLC controller from Davis-Standard. The new PLC also was integrated to work with the existing system. Since Aladdin is a turnkey supplier with 99% of its business in the North American healthcare market, it was important for the install to go smoothly. The downtime was minimal, and Aladdin’s production efficiencies have improved significantly since the upgrade.

In addition to foodservice packaging, Aladdin is the industry leader in meal delivery systems. This includes rethermalization and convection systems, as well as induction technology. In 2004, Aladdin introduced the Heat On Demand On Tray, the first meal delivery system with the heat source built into the tray. Today this technology offers a variety of induction systems for room service applications, which is why Aladdin’s solutions are widely used at hospitals and medical facilities throughout the US.

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