Budgeting, Bottom Lines, and the Economy, Economy, Economy

Long ago a realtor told me there were only three things to keep in mind when buying real estate: Location, Location, Location. As we enter 2003 and finalize

Commercial and Package Printers Prepare for Battle

In my last editorial, I warned that package printing converters may lose incremental business to some competitors commercial printers. Then I explained

Passion for Printing May Lead to Serious Competitive Battles

Passion seemed the operative word at Graph Expo/Converting Expo on October 6-9 at Chicago's McCormick Place. It may have been only coincidence, but two

Finding the Right Medicine For an Ailing Economy

Most everyone I've spoken to agrees: The recession in the US probably would have been well on the mend if it hadn't been for the greed of a few CEOs of

Standing the Test of Time with Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER

In the beginning, there were precious few magazines to rival the editorial coverage of a fledgling The Envelope Industry. The date was March 1927, and

It Takes the Talent and Effort of Many to Make Any Job a Success

This issue is special. The cover shouts this message from the rooftops. And it's special for several reasons. First, the production of this month's cover

CMM Conference Planning Yields Something for Most Everyone

Looking toward an improved economy, Paperloop VP Leo Nadolske and CMM show director Jane McDermott held a conference planning meeting for CMM Intl. on

Amidst Staffing Shortages, Working Hard Is the Norm

"The good news is I've heard positive reports regarding a healing economy. The Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI) says that 'manufacturing activity slowed in April but is still showing signs of growth.'"

Trade Shows Join Other Industries in Anticipating Rising Numbers

Let's be honest. Much of the trade show attendance in our industry has declined. No amount of disguising (including the quality versus quantity claim)

Converters Look for Safe Harbor Amid Choppy Waters

A steady flow of press releases focusing on US economic pressures has heightened my awareness of how converters, their suppliers, and allied industries

What Do Decathletes, Converters, and Editors Have in Common?

Producing a magazine on any technical subject in the trade journal business is no easy task for an editor. But in the converting industry a very horizontal

An Early Spring Fever Could Cure a Frosty World Economy

There's something about spring to a Chicago native that's totally revitalizing. And it's just what the world economy needs right now, no matter what your geographic position is on the globe.

PFFC Weathers Stormy Economy with Robust Creative Surge

Not unlike global politics, Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER has changed with the times, while reporting and mirroring in as true a fashion as possible the technical innovations of the converting industry.

Yes, Virginia, There Is Good News

The title of this column alludes tongue in cheek to a classic editorial that appeared during the Christmas season of 1897 in The New York Sun newspaper.

Where Do We Draw the Line?

Like it or not, we are all inextricably connected to each other in some fashion. This has always been true, but in today's world it is truer than ever,

Who Am I? One Proud American

People often ask me, what kind of name is Yolanda Simonsis? It's a standard question posed by new acquaintances. Fellow Americans, who come from dissimilar

Searching for a Lemonade Recipe

Despite everyone's good intentions to will away the thought of a recession, it's been difficult not to notice some pretty obvious signs of a weakened

What Makes a Meeting a Must?

I can imagine a planning meeting that sounds more like a novice chef concocting an exotic new recipe with a little of this and a pinch of that and a measure

Partnering: It All Starts with Trust

Over and over, I am reminded of a strange dichotomy as I decide what types of case history articles will appear within the pages of Paper, Film & Foil

Planning That Annual Meeting

With so much attention to comfort and fun, at times the meeting planners have lost sight of content. After the meeting is over, you're left with a hungry, gnawing question: Where's the beef?

Show-Biz, E-Biz, and Taking a Break

Finally! The international Converting Machinery/Materials Conference and Exposition—CMM International—is upon us, starting April 23.

Don't Drop Into CMM Without Us!

Here's your chance to ask questions that concern the demands your customers are placing on your converting operations. You would never think of jumping

E-Commerce Can Yield New Growth

Yes, I'm talking about e-commerce again. Consumers like you and me, our families, and our friends have become comfortable enough with the Web to opt for

Fast-Paced E-World Breaks Old Habits

In case you haven't noticed, we turned a critical corner in our lives as we entered the age of near-instant communication. Electronic communication is

Appealing to the Nexters and Beyond

My 18- and 14-year-old daughters keep me in constant awe of life and the accelerating passage of time. When they were born, George Orwell's 1984 was no

Work Life StyleSurvival Takes Balance

Last night I returned home from two back-to-back business trips that kept me out of the office (and home) for nearly two full weeks. With only two work

What Do Global Temps, Unemployment Share?

What do global temperatures (coupled with the greenhouse effect) have in common with the declining number of workers available to fill vacant jobs? Nothingon

The Waiting Is Over, Let the Copy Flow

With the publication of this September issue, the Polymers, Laminations and Coatings Division of TAPPI, Atlanta, GA, and Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER

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