Winners Don't Stop Believing!

What brought the White Sox to the top is an interesting story that actually has application in our businesses. It’s widely known the Sox had no superstars—just hard working, team-oriented players (picked by general manager Ken Williams). The players actually followed manager Ozzie Guillen’s instructions when they stepped up to the plate-—even it meant a sacrifice.

Hurricanes Impact Whole Nation

While Gulf Coast residents will bear the brunt of this destruction, my feeling is that the entire country, as well as those countries to which we export our manufactured and agricultural products, will feel the burden as well.

A Rose is Still a Rose

This past July while I was trying to relax on vacation, the evening news brought word of WorldCom’s former CEO, Bernie Ebbers, receiving his sentence. It made me so angry, I pulled out my laptop and started writing this column.

Goodbye to a Dear Friend

The shock of learning about my dear friend Rich’s death was crushing, as I know it also will be for the faithful readers of his monthly PFFC column, “Material Science.”

Global Events & Trends

While the month of July is typically dry when it comes to news in this industry, I found no problem locating headlines—some of which we certainly could have done without.

Always the Student

Just when I think I’ve got a grip on something in this industry, the technology or economic circumstances or political environment or key people or whatever makes a giant leap of change. Sometimes the direction of change is not forward, though, which makes life in the converting industry very interesting.

Smaller CMM Reflects Industry

The long-awaited CMM Show took place April 18–21 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. One can’t help noticing the show, which is staged every other year, is morphing into a different animal—a smaller one for the most part.

More History in the Making

If you read down to the last paragraph of my March ‘05 editorial, you may have raised an eyebrow over my reporting CMM was rumored for sale. It was, but the offer was declined, and we’re back to the CMM you’ve known in the past. . . well, not completely. There have been a few remarkable changes you’ll want to hear about.

Time for a CMM History Lesson

It’s interesting to note some CMM history from my own 27 years of personal memories, as our industry prepares for its fifteenth edition of the show.

How to Gain Ground

Last December I wrote an editorial about "Finding Our Footing" and asked readers to share their personal experiences regarding jobs lost to China. It was my second request for this information, leading me to suspect that maybe I was imagining a problem that didn’t exist. Then, one brave soul, followed by a second, stepped forward to tell their stories.

Global Economic Slowdown?

The price of crude oil, says PFFC contributor Bob Marsh, is a key element in determining which way our global and US economies will go. If the price continues to decline, as it has since October, we could be looking at improving conditions. If it doesn’t? Well, says DuPont senior economist Bob Fry, more likely it means a slowdown will rear its ugly head.

Finding Our Footing

It’s that time of year again when I find my "editorial inspiration file" is brimming with items that may become lost forever among the clutter of the cutting room floor. Among them are insightful readers’ responses to various editorials or articles written over the course of the year that otherwise might lose their impact if not used soon. So it’s time to share these gems as the year comes to a close. Perhaps you’ll recall what inspired these readers to write in the first place.

Good News Hunting

As the show and conference circuit winds down for the year with only the Packaging Machinery Mfrs. Institute's Pack Expo (Nov. 7-11 at Chicago's McCormick Pl.) to go before the holidays hit, I've heard increasingly positive statements while good news hunting about the health of the converting industry. The caveat here is that it appears the description of good health applies to specific markets.

The Elusive Key to Success

At a time when exhibition companies have experienced a tough go looking all the way back to 2000 when the economy began to weaken organizers at-large

Keep Your Eye on the Gold

Lately, the Olympic theme song has run through my head several times a day and continuously into the night although by the time everyone reads this, all

The Great Debate

The Wal-Mart subject of this past July and May editorials has been evocative in stirring responses and dialogue among readers and myself. I love this

Wal-Mart Revisited

The subject of Wal-Mart's friend or foe relationship with converters in my May editorial struck a chord with readers. I'd like to share some of their

Drupa Delivers, Optimism Returns

It seems Drupa, the massive quadrennial Messe Dsseldorf print media show held this past May 6-19 in Germany, traditionally assumes a theme that characterizes

Editorial, Wal-Mart Friend or Foe to Packaging Industry, PFFC, May 2004

Paper, Film & Foil Converter's chief editor, Yolanda Simonsis, considers Wal-Mart and its impact on the packaging production sub-sector of the manufacturing sector in the USA.

Journey Bound to Success

Today I finally used one of my holiday gifts. It's a limited edition book privately published by MeadWestvaco — one among several the company has sent me over the years.

Technology: The Great Equalizer

Some things always strike fear in me no matter how well I prepare myself before confronting them face to face. For instance, in the movie The Shining,

Where Past Meets Future

It's not unusual at this time of year for people to pause and look back at where they've been. Now is also the time when managers contemplate the future

PFFC Moves 'Uptown'

On December 8, PFFC will occupy new offices! Along with several of its sister publications (including American Printer), PFFC has consolidated offices

The Fundamentals of Being a True Leader

Have you noticed how much the phrase We must reinvent ourselves has been tossed about lately? Following closely on the heals of this remark everywhere

Ups & Downs of Business Make Escape an Attractive Option

Despite business ups and downs, especially in difficult times, we must make ourselves responsible for our own happiness.

Kicking Off the Blanket of Mistrust & Stagnancy

Is the gray pallor blanketing our world economy on the verge of lifting? What's keeping us from kicking off this suffocating blanket? Before an economic

Is This a String of Good Luck or Reward for Lots of Hard Work?

Have you ever been so fortunate to experience the perfect week when nothing goes wrong and all you hear is good news? Neither have I. But recently I came

Shows Reflect Tough Times, But Happier Days Will Come Again

Here's a pop quiz. What do the following have in common? The war in Iraq; the US economic recession; Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS); and travel

Duct Tape, Plastic Sheeting, and The Cost and Benefits of War

Here's the good and/or bad news. You decide. No. 1: A war in Iraq seems inevitable. No. 2: As demand for duct tape and plastic sheeting increases, so

Good News Hunting Is Easier Than It Sounds

Here's the bad news: Amidst continuing mergers and acquisitions, efforts remain stringently in force at many companies to streamline, cut costs, and/or at least maintain last year's profit margins.

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