Newark Analyzes Radial Crush Tester for QC


CRANFORD, NJ | Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions, specializing in the collection of secondary fibers and the manufacturing and converting of 100% recycled paperboard in the US and Canada, is now analyzing a new radial crush tester for quality control in its tube and core manufacturing. The radial crush tester mimics the amount of pressure put on the core by film or other similar substrates.

“We are very excited to be one of the first companies to use this new technology,” says Dien Bui, division quality manager for Newark Paperboard Products. “The radial crush tester has fewer parts and requires fewer steps to measure a core.”

“Newark is always looking for new technology that will enable us to offer our customers a more consistent product and overall better quality,” adds Mark Klein, senior VP of Newark Paperboard Products. “The radial crush tester is a great example of this.”

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