Larson Electronics Offers Flexible UV Light System


KEMP, TX | Larson Electronics has added the WALCD-4X24LED-UV365 ultraviolet LED light cart to its range of industrial lighting products. 

Featuring four 72 watt, 365nm UV LED light heads, the ultra-flexible light cart is said to enable operators to position high-intensity UV light on product surfaces to cure a wide variety of coatings. Equipped with wheels and a dolly-style frame, the aluminum light stand features a series of flexible arms that operators can use to position each UV LED light head in nearly infinites angles, height, and distance from the piece being cured.

The UV LED light heads can reach heights of 7 ft, or the entire assembly can be collapsed to just over 4.5 ft for easy storage. Designed to be light and portable, the UV light cart is equipped with a 90 amp hour SLA battery that will run the lights, free of any trip hazard cords, for nearly 5 hours of continuous operation on a single charge.

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