Mix & Match

C&S Carton, Marshall, MI, a printing division of Chelsea Milling Co., is charged with printing the cartons for its parent company's Jiffy baking mixes, quite a challenge since there are now 24 different mixes! Because Chelsea does not advertise to consumers, brand awareness through its “little blue boxes” is especially crucial. To get the job done right, C&S relies on a six-color, 77-in. Harris press integrated with a KeyColor digital system from Essex Products Group (EPG) that offers advanced color control. VP of operations Jack Kennedy says, “The investment in the EPG KeyColor lets us make adjustments from the console very accurately and quickly.” C&S prints six colors (three process, three spot) onto recycled clay-coated boxboard, then strips and cuts the board, sending the flat shells to Chelsea Milling.
Essex Products Group | www.epg-inc.com

Safe-Slab™ Core Recycler(MD) - Blade Free Slabbing - an Appleton Mfg. Division Product

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