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Once you've determined that you have a roll telescoping problem, here's how to solve it.

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Does This Roll Contain Quality Web? http://pffc-online.com/blog/walker/12685-does-this-roll-contain-quality-web http://pffc-online.com/blog/walker/12685-does-this-roll-contain-quality-web

Measuring roll hardness is also like trying to figure out what is in a wrapped package. You are trying to guess what is in the wound roll's package without opening it.

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Do Your Homework to Solve Telescoping Roll Problems http://pffc-online.com/blog/walker/12571-do-your-homework-to-solve-telescoping-roll-problems http://pffc-online.com/blog/walker/12571-do-your-homework-to-solve-telescoping-roll-problems

Answer this list of questions to identify the source of your telescoping roll problems.

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All I Ever Needed to Know —I Learned in Elementary School http://pffc-online.com/blog/walker/12340-all-i-ever-needed-to-know-i-learned-in-elementary-school http://pffc-online.com/blog/walker/12340-all-i-ever-needed-to-know-i-learned-in-elementary-school

The Science Specialist at my son's school offered 5th graders a skills list that even consulting engineers can use.

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The Importance of Running Centered http://pffc-online.com/web-handling/12226-the-importance-of-running-centered http://pffc-online.com/web-handling/12226-the-importance-of-running-centered

How important is it to run centered on anti-wrinkle/spreading rollers?

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Globe Trekking Adventures in Web Handling, Winding & Slitting http://pffc-online.com/blog/walker/12126-globe-trekking-adventures-in-web-handling-winding-slitting http://pffc-online.com/blog/walker/12126-globe-trekking-adventures-in-web-handling-winding-slitting

Follow Tim Walker on his adventures as he treks the globe solving web handling, winding, and slitting problems in Japan, the UK, and back home in the good ol' USA.

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Is There a Doorman at Your Winder or Do You Let Just Any Web Get In? http://pffc-online.com/blog/walker/12086-is-there-a-doorman-at-your-winder-or-do-you-let-just-any-web-get-in http://pffc-online.com/blog/walker/12086-is-there-a-doorman-at-your-winder-or-do-you-let-just-any-web-get-in

Web handling expert Tim Walker of TJWalker + Assoc. and author of "Web Lines" describes the function and benefits of a nipping roller at winding.

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Do You Need a Roller That Is Chillin' and Groovy? http://pffc-online.com/web-handling/169-rolls-rollers/11972-do-you-need-a-roller-that-is-chillin-and-groovy http://pffc-online.com/web-handling/169-rolls-rollers/11972-do-you-need-a-roller-that-is-chillin-and-groovy

Web handling expert Timothy J. Walker of TJWalker+ Assoc. describes options for solving air lubrication of a big chilled or heated roller.

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What Mechanisms Cause a Web to Shift Laterally? http://pffc-online.com/blog/walker/11539-what-mechanisms-cause-a-web-to-shift-laterally http://pffc-online.com/blog/walker/11539-what-mechanisms-cause-a-web-to-shift-laterally

Web Handling expert Tim Walker identifies the five culprits that cause a web to move off centerline.

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Eliminating Boundary Layer Air During Winding http://pffc-online.com/web-handling/11335-eliminating-boundry-layer-air-during-winding http://pffc-online.com/web-handling/11335-eliminating-boundry-layer-air-during-winding

Eliminate boundary layer air  while winding rolls of film, in most cases, by using a lay-on roller. For coating and extrusion technology, vacuum boxes or electrostatic pinning can sometimes–though infrequently–be effective.

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