Odd Shape? Odd Substrate? You Might Try Pad Printing

Although this column primarily covers conventional printing processes, I do occasionally receive questions about processes that are less common, such

A Glossary of Descriptive Terms - Fifth Installment

Here is the fifth in this series of glossary columns, intended to improve the technical communication between new and seasoned members of the converting

Reporter Clips

News from: American Bank Note Holographics Inc., Atlas Tag & Label, Mark Andy, and 3M.

What's New in Narrow Web

New from: AzCoat, FLEXcon, Hazen Paper, and Independent Machine Co.


New materials from: Adhesives Research, Avery Dennison (Fasson), Craig Adhesives & Coatings, Emtech, FLEXcon, GE Silicones, National Starch & Chemical, Northwest Coatings Corp., and Spartan Adhesives & Coatings.


New from: Boschert LLC, Compliance Packaging Industries Inc., Contech, Great Northern Corp., Industry Tech, IST America, KYMC/Barnes Services Inc., Magnetic Technologies Ltd., Matik North America, Nordson Corp., Pamarco Global Graphics, RPEL USA LLC, Shima American, Simco Industrial Static Control, Thermo Web Systems, and Weber Marking Systems.

What's New in Digital

New digital products from: Barco Graphics Inc., CreoScitex, DuPont Color Proofing, EngView Systems, GRIPdigital Inc., NexPress Solutions LLC, SATO America Inc., and Screen (USA).

Innovative Problem-Solving: Advances in the Industry

Today's converting industry is a sophisticated one. If you have any doubts, check out a few of the ingenuous ways converters and suppliers have found to solve some tough problems.

ICE Returns to Holland To Top its Debut Show

Following its successful introduction in 1999, the International Converting Exhibition (ICE) returns to the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands,

Extrusion Coating Line Audit Can Bring Big Benefits

Do you know which of the components and variables in your extrusion coating line could be improved? An audit of the line will tell you.

On the Move...

News from: Arrow Paper, Caraustar, Daetwyler, EDI, ECM Products, FlexoExport, Great Lakes Packaging, Great Northern, Klockner Pentaplast, MAN Roland, Matik NA, OEC Graphics, PEF, Paperloop, Phoenix Packaging, Primarc UV, Rohm and Haas, Roosevelt Paper Co., Rosenthal, Servomex, Transilwrap, UCB Chemicals, Westvaco, Xaar, and Zanders.

The Effects o Comonomer Type on the Blown Film Performance of LLDPE Resins Made Using a Metallocene Single-Site Catalyst

Application: Using 1-butene, 1-hexene, and 1-octene as a comonomer gives blown film performance that increases with increasing length of the a-olefin used.

Atmospheric Plasma: The New Functional Treatment for Films

Application: Specialty films that require stringent surface morphology specifications, specific surface modification, precise surface coating, or tightly controlled electrical characteristics will benefit from atmospheric plasma treatment.

Formulators Look Beyond the Peel, Tack, and Shear Profile

Although first developed more than 30 years ago, the microsphere technology behind 3M's Post-It Notes—sticky when you need them, removable when you don't—continues

Digital News

News from: American IS&T, DAX, DPI 2001, GASC, GretagMacbeth, Heidelberg, Hilgraeve, IPA, VuePoint, and Xaar.

Forging Ahead into the Digital Printing Frontier

The spirited converter Beau Label always has taken pride in its pioneering ways. Now, the company is pushing its printing parameters even farther with a brand new Indigo digital offset color press.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

A Communication from the Polymers, Laminations and Coatings Division of TAPPI.

Inspection System Balances Print Quality with Economy

A 1998 acquisition gave the Teich Group a foothold in Poland. Now, the addition of an AVT print defect detection system on a Schiavi press is saving time, reducing waste, and enhancing print quality.

Fast-Paced E-World Breaks Old Habits

In case you haven't noticed, we turned a critical corner in our lives as we entered the age of near-instant communication. Electronic communication is

Converting Industry News

News from: AMI, Applied Films, AWA,, Clear Focus Imaging, CMM, Davis-Standard, DuPont Cyrel, Eastman Chemical, ei3, EMA, FPA, FTA, GASC, Greif Bros., HCI, IHP, Karlville Development, M. Holland Co., Matik North America, National Starch, PaperExchange, Plainwell, Reece Supply, Siemens, Spectrum Label, and Van Leer Packaging.

CCL Label, Crown Roll Leaf, and Policiel del Peru Partner for Accurate Election Results

Peru Turns to Holograms for Accurate Election... When the Peruvian government wanted to ensure a legitimate, accurate vote in its Y2K election, the objective was to create a voter registration card with an extremely secure holographic label.

OSHA'S New Ergonomics Rule Covers a Lot of Ground

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently issued its much-debated final rule on ergonomics. The rule is designed to reduce the

Conversing on Centuries, Computers, and Converting

The three words in the title seem to have no relationship or connection. Or do they? As we begin 2001, we start a new century. Since centuries comprise

Assessing Inks, Dealing with DigitalThe NPIRI Conference

The National Printing Ink Research Institute (NPIRI) held its 44th Technical Conference in October in Pine Mountain, GA. The well-attended event included

A Glossary of Descriptive Terms, Fourth Installment

I have had very positive feedback from the glossary of descriptive terms that I began in the September 2000 issue (see October and December issues for

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News from: ABNH, BST Pro Mark, Comco Intl., Crane & Co. Inc., EMA, Harper Corp. of America, Hewlett-Packard, Indigo, Kanzaki Specialty Papers, Ko-Pack, Label Graphics, MACtac, Mark Andy, Mikoh Corp., TLMI, and Wausau Coated Products.

In-Mold Labeling Makes Strides Worldwide

The ninth annual International In-Mold Labeling Conference at the Marriott Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Sept. 26-27, 2000, showcased the global character of the industry.

The Need to Know Drives Pharma Labeling Market

As a supplier of inserts, outserts, and labels, PCI Services rides the pharmaceutical boom in Puerto Rico. With more than 50 pharmaceutical firms operating in Puerto Rico (pop. 3.7 million), domestic package component supply is booming. Enjoying that boom is PCI Services, a Cardinal Health co.


New materials from: Akzo Nobel Inks, ExxonMobil Chemical , Gans Ink & Supply Co., Henkel Group, E.T. Oakes Corp., Sericol Inc., and 3M.


New from: ADI International, Anderson & Vreeland, Arrowhive, Brookfield Engineering, BST Pro Mark, Colter & Peterson, Dienes, Ducker Automation, Elsner Engineering, Faustel, Intl. Converting Equipment, Ion Systems, MacDermid, Matik, New Era, Retroflex, Sensor Products, Tantec, and Valco Cincinnati.

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