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ERP Systems | The 7 Most Common Disguised Expenses

The hidden expenses often found in low-cost ERP systems.

Roll-Sleeve Film: Helping Shape Brand Identity

In today's world of multimedia advertising and information overload, brand owners are faced with the challenge of effectively communicating with consumers and driving product trial and usage

Selling Your Company?

The best time to sell your company at a premium price is not now; it should start in late 2011 and continue through 2012, possibly through 2013

Branding: Holograms Score in Protecting Sports Merchandising

Sports merchandising is big business and increasingly has benefitted from the application of hologram-based security tags over the past 15 years. However, there can be pitfalls for the unwary. Here, Glenn Wood of the International Hologram Mfrs. Assn. (IHMA) (http://www.ihma.org) offers advice to security providers looking to tap into this lucrative market and looks at how holography can protect brands and revenue streams from the threat of counterfeiters.

Tuflex India Inaugurates Greenfield Converting Plant

Tuflex India's specialized knowledge in the field of polymers and the strong desire to grow its business led the company recently to embrace a major diversification of its product portfolio into the flexible packaging arena.

New Adhesive Achieves Cure, Regulatory Compliance in 3 Days

With unique curing technology offered in a new line of solventless PU adhesives, bond development and food safety compliance are both achieved in a very short time.

Web Exclusive: Flat Die Technologies Emerge as Keys to Innovation in Solar Electric Systems

Flat die extrusion and coating systems already play a role in the manufacture of solar energy components. Now they promise to be essential for the development of next-generation products enabling solar-generated electricity to be cost-competitive with energy from fossil fuel-burning power plants.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Tension Control: Dancer Systems Defined

A well-built, well-installed dancer working with a proper control can provide a flexible closed loop means of controlling tension in both unwind and rewind applications.

Web Exclusive: Matching Laser Cutters to Labels

Here are some questions/answers to consider when you are revisiting laser cutting technology to determine best-fit options for your label application.

Web Exclusive: Web Cleaners

India’s need for higher quality print products leads New Delhi-based label converter Regal Creative to install Teknek web cleaners.

Meeting the Sustainability Challenge Without Compromising Barrier Performance

It is clear by now that retailers are the main drivers of the sustainable packaging movement, and they have put their money where their mouths are.

Tension Control: Mag Particle Clutch/Brakes Provide Smooth, Clean Torque Control

There are many web tensioning and other manufacturing processes that require adjustable, smooth torque while maintaining a clean, dust-free environment. For these converting processes, magnetic particle clutches and brakes are an excellent solution

Web Exclusive: Slitting Film

Despite the fact that crude oil prices have risen sharply, in turn elevating the price of oil-based raw materials used in plastic film manufacture, this group of materials still has largely untapped packaging possibilities

Web Exclusive: Financial Crisis:

As this article was being written during the fourth week of September, and updated on October 7, the US was in the midst of its greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression. Congress approved a $700 billion bailout package for the financial industry on October 3

Web Exclusive: Are Sleeves Ready for Narrow Web?

While the number of machines with sleeve technology is growing in label printing, many users still are hesitant about using them.

Short-Run Labels: An Alternative View

Today's marketplace for label printers is full of suppliers that offer a bewildering choice of technology, consumables, tools, and production cultures

Fast Access: To streamline and automate operations, Protect-all installs PECAS Vision ERP software from Radius Solutions

As a growing manufacturer of extrusion coating and adhesive lamination products, Protect-all needed to replace its outgrown information management system

Web Exclusive: Cradles don't rock

Cleveland Plastic Films (CPF) was shipping rolls of film across North America using stacked plastic cradles, but sometimes the cradles would shift and open up. To solve the problem, CPF worked closely with engineers at Rollguard

How To Choose the Best Adhesive System

Many companies put themselves at a competitive disadvantage by limiting adhesive systems choices based on performance stereotypes

Roll Winding Dynamics

Materials today often are more than they may seem at first glance; many are manufactured with non-conventional properties. Label and semi-glossed enamel stocks are engineered

Making the Cut

Chinese Converter Ensures Quality

The largest cigarette package printer in China provides quality assurance for customers by installing AVT inspection systems.

The Case for Air Cylinder Standardization

In a round table discussion, the author talks with sleeve manufacturers about the advantages of design standards for air cylinders used for flexographic printing.

A Smarter Future for Labels

There are untapped opportunities available for converters that adopt smart label technology.

Automated Web Handling Reduces Costs

Germark finds automated web handling equipment from Martin Automatic boosts productivity while offering fast payback.

Going Thin

Thinner gauge materials impact both on operating costs and the environment. The difficulty with going thin is that problems such as wrinkling, air entrapment, and tension control, and various other problems typically associated with material profile perturbations, such as gauge band variations, can become magnified when processed on some types of slitter/rewinders and other converting machinery.

Paper Roll Handling: What's Right For You?

With the potential to improve productivity, worker safety, and the bottom line dramatically, paper roll handling automation is making its way into many operations. A variety of material handling options can save companies that handle paper rolls significant time and money, prevent accidents on the factory floor, and improve product consistency and quality. Choosing from these options, or even choosing to automate at all, can be tricky.

A Look Ahead: Sustainability and Other Hot Topics

In a Q&A with John Norder, Rohm and Haas business manager in North America for Packaging and Converting, he shares his thoughts on subjects ranging from feedstock and supply chain issues to fostering innovation in the industry.

Slitter/Rewinder Cuts Production Time

To streamline production, J.R. Labels recently took delivery of an Omega SR 410 slitter/rewinder with rotary die-cutting supplied by A B Graphic Intl. Ltd.

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