Web Handling Workshop Includes Live Demos

TJWalker + Assoc. and Optimation Technology host a Web Handling Workshop at the Optimation Media Conveyance Facility on August 23–25 in Rochester, NY

Tubing for Idlers

WINertia aluminum tubing is designed, engineered, and patented for idlers. Design is said to allow smoother, higher-speed operation. Company can install

How To Wind Defectless Hard, Round Rolls

Davis-Standard Converting Systems' Duane Smith, product manager, specialty winding, shares his expert insight on how to achieve round, hard rolls without defects—essentially the Holy Grail for all converters

The Holy Grail, Six Tips for Winding

When winding film, the Holy Grail is to achieve round, hard rolls without defects. These areas require adherence to consistently achieve success.

Pay Attention Now to Process-Heating Systems

Paratherm, a leading US manufacturer of specialized heat transfer fluids and system cleaners, advises that now is the time to pay attention to process-heating systems

Webinar on Steam Remoisturization for Paper-Based Labels

The Assn. of Intl. Metallizers, Coaters & Laminators and Paper, Film & Foil Converter (PFFC) are jointly sponsoring a free webinar scheduled for Tuesday, June 14, at 11 A.M. (Eastern) on the subject of Steam Remoisturization Technology

Chuck Is for Shaftless Uses

A rugged, 3-in., air-operated mechanical chuck is said easy to mount and use with convenient air valve access. Chucks are suited for heavy-duty shaftless

Heat Transfer Fluid Systems Save Energy

The HTF ST Series of stationary heat transfer fluid systems to 600 kW and 650 deg F reportedly offers superior, energy-efficient performance and reduced

Web Lines: Limitations of Vacuum Pull Rollers

I love vacuum pull rollers (VPRs). When it comes to driving a web without slipping and scratching or to knowing you have control of the tension differential

Roll Cradles Made with Recycled Pulp

Recycled Fiber Full Roll Perfed roll cradles are designed specifically for converters. Perforations at 20 in. and 40 in. on a 2440 in. full roll cradle

Bowed Roll Is Adjustable

The Perma-Bow fixed bowed roll features an adjustable apex that helps converters achieve optimal web engagement and control over the web. Adjustable bearing

Apply Thin Coatings

Coating rolls have as little as 1 micron TIR, allowing them to apply very thin coatings. Most coating rolls are also company's ThermEx heat transfer rolls,

A Honey of a Pallet

Pregis Hexacomb, Deerfield, IL, introduces Hexacomb Billboard, an all-paper, honeycomb-based pallet alternative that incorporates an additional outer edge wrap.

Chucks Offered in Several Versions

ShaftLok safety chuck modules are available with skew, lateral, and skew and lateral (combined) adjustments. Chucks are available in standard- medium-,

Web Lines: Don't Flip Out - It's Just a Web Flip

The first time you see a web flip, you will wonder if you are looking at an M.C. Escher drawing. Escher was famous for his castles where you could walk

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