DFE Transducer Suited for Heavy Duty

The F3H from Dover Flexo Electronics is said to measure high tension accurately using live shaft idler rolls

Yazoo Mills Completes Expansion Project

As part of its growth strategy, the company has doubled the size of its Manufacturing and Distribution Center in Hanover, PA

PRATI Label Rewinder Operates Nonstop

The STARplus glueless, stand-alone turret rewinder features automatic rewinding tension control and many other features

Karlville Partners with IMS Deltamatic

Agreement covers high-end slitting, inspection, and downstream automation solutions, beginning with the Universal Automatic Twin Shaft Unloading Device

Anar Rub Tech Private Offers Variety of Rollers

A wide selection of products suited for use in packaging, printing, laminating, and more includes rollers, shafts, chucks, and sleeves

Dover Flexo Electronics Announces New Tension Controller

The WebHandler4 offers features of WebHandler5 digital version, but provides analog design for those who prefer simpler, more familiar version

Burnishine Says Roller Cleaner Also Removes Glaze


Company has rebranded Clear Gel roller cleaner to point out added glaze removal benefits

Badger Plug Offers Pad Plugs

Said to simplify roll suspension and product dispensing, plugs allow rolls to rotate easily

Dover Flexo Electronics Debuts Torque Controller

The EasyWeb open loop torque controller maintains tension with roll diameter calculator and features a simple user interface.

Montalvo Load Cell Controls Tension on Narrow Webs

The XR ribbon-width cantilever load cell, said to measure tension on the narrowest materials, is offered in two mounting styles

PFE Rolls Refurbishes Heat Transfer Rolls

Service features a reshelling process said to restore rolls to like-new performance at a cost much less than that of buying new rolls

NimCor Offers Chucks in Two Varieties

Torque chucks are for continuous duty applications, while air mechanical chucks are said to provide bladderless gripping action with no slippage

ITW Muller Adds Incentive to Purchase Wrappers

The Wrap n’ Ship program offers a discount on the GW-1200 turntable stretch wrapper and GW-4100 robotic pallet wrapper with a GaleWrap film commitment

Appleton Mfg. Division Upgrades Core Recycler

The Slabber XLA for nonwovens offers full automation and process integration to original Safe-Slab recycler

AIMCAL Offers Web Coating & Handling Conference

Event includes three concurrent tracks, two keynote addresses, four optional half-day short courses, and a number of networking activities

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