FINAT Seminars 'Add Value to Labels'


HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS—FINAT will present "Emerging Markets—Adding Value to Labels." These five seminar sessions will take place Thursday, September 22, 2005, at Labelexpo Europe.

The sessions include:

  • What are the business opportunities in Eastern Europe?
  • Emerging label materials markets in Eastern Europe
  • Country report on the Russian labeling market
  • Country report—Czech Republic
  • The self-adhesive label market in Turkey—trends and developments
  • East-West linkages—how to take mutual advantage of comparative strengths?
The aims of these sessions are:
  • To provide an overview of the trends and developments in Eastern Europe, one year after the EU enlargement, both from a general political, economic and socio-cultural perspective.
  • To present a profile of label materials consumption trends in the newly emerging labeling regions.
  • To have a particular look at the status of the label markets in selected Eastern European emerging markets inside and outside the EU from the viewpoint of the label converting industry.
  • To highlight the most common concepts and misperceptions about the development of mutual cross border relationships between 'east and west' within our label business.
  • To address potential ways in which such relationships could be developed to the mutual benefit of all concerned.
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