JDSU Introduces Color-Shifting Flake for Unique Color Differentiation


MILPITAS, CA—JDSU has introduced ChromaFlair ColorShift Glitter, a new color-shifting flake that gives paints, coatings, plastics, textiles, and packaging the ability to exhibit a wide range of hues when viewed from different angles. JDSU creates its ChromaFlair Light Interference Pigments using a technique it calls “Color by Physics:" the deposition of ultra-thin layered structures similar to those found in nature, such as butterfly wings, seashells, and hummingbird feathers. To produce different colors, JDSU uses a patented thin-film technology to precisely control the thickness of the multiple layers that compose the pigment’s flake structure.

ColorShift Glitter is a durable flake that can be sanded, unlike standard glitter products. This allows for spot repairs on the final product without needing to sand and repaint the entire surface.

JDSU ChromaFlair pigment is highly resistant to degradation, maintaining its color and performance properties despite long-term weathering or severe application processes, such as paint recirculation systems. It is also can be incorporated into coatings, plastics, and other materials using standard equipment and processes. See jdsu.com.

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