Optima Line Is for Wound Care Segment


STEINBEISWEB, GERMANY | Optima Life Science offers the Medicon MDC 300 Vario a machine platform for the advanced wound care segment. Reportedly, a new production process can be implemented in a very short time, even in sterile rooms. The plant operator can configure the module by means of a Plug & Play system. No knowledge of programming is required.

Machine is set up for a web speed of 60 mpm (packaging material) or 500 products/min. Used as a pilot plant machine, the process for a new product can be worked out and transferred to a Medicon MDC 300 advanced production line.

All function modules such as roll-off, roll-on, cutting, web edge control, camera systems, etc., needed for the manufacture of various types of wound dressings are available from Optima. The machine system can be combined with a four-side seal bag packaging machine, enabling the products to be packaged immediately. Modules with special functions can be developed and integrated.


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