Nyquist Systems and eltromat Form New Company


LEOPOLDSHOEHE, GERMANY | eltromat, a supplier of color measurement and color control systems for printing processes, and Nyquist Systems, (http://www.nyquist-systems.de/) Landsberg, Germany, a technology company specializing in the conception and development of print inspection systems and workflow solutions, are jointly founding Nyquist Technology. The new company will focus on developing economic alternatives to conventional print monitoring and print inspection systems.

The company is offering what is said to be a cost-effective, user-friendly system for Dr. Kipp, CEO of eltromat, and Dr. Krebs, CEO of Nyquist Technology
monitoring labels as an alternative to strobes and for missing label detection. "With the new system, we will close the gap regarding quality control of flexible packaging and adhesive labels," says Dr. Krebs, managing director of Nyquist

"We are confident our systems will help the user in the market to significantly raise productivity while meeting quality standards," adds Dr. Kipp, managing director of eltromat.

The distribution and marketing of the new products will be carried out through the worldwide sales network of eltromat.


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