New Products

Brake Has Many Benefits

The V-400 brake is designed for use in upgrading Martin rollstands. Designed to fit in a very small space, the high-performance brake reportedly offers

Elastomers with Energy Benefits

Vistamaxx propylene-based elastomers offer enhanced sealability, improved adhesion, inherent elasticity, toughness, and broad polyolefin compatibility.

Viscometer Is Rugged

The AST-100 in-line viscometer has no moving parts, simple Clean-In-Place design, rugged 316 SS construction, and compact size for easy installation.

High Cooling Power Is Available

The X10 Mini-Loop heat exchanger uses facility water to cool one side of the heat exchanger while de-ionized water (or a coolant of choice) on the second

Hot Foil Stamp Smaller Runs

The Gietz FSA 1060 Foil Commander ECO hot foil stamping machine is designed for smaller print runs and multiple job changeovers. Model removes the patented

Analyze Platemaking Parameters

The FlexoControl analyzer offers end-to-end QA and analyses of production parameters in flexo platemaking. Developed to facilitate fast and precise measurements

Estimate Jobs

Designed for sheetfed, web, wide format, digital, and flexo printing, Release 10.8775 Estimating & Job Entry Work-Flow Software is Windows 7 compatible.

Panel Saw for Material Handling

The VSs 20.40 scoring vertical panel saw offers 6-ft-plus cross-cut and 12-ft-plus rip-cut capacity, plus a separate scoring blade for chip-free cutting.

Extruder Is for Foam

The 94-mm, 36:1 L/D counter-rotating twin screw foam extruder, developed for high-output PE foam processing, allows for melting, mixing, and cooling with

Find Defects Early

Web Viewing System uses direct, real-time digital viewing of the moving web to enable operators to detect defects and register errors before they are

Monitor Full Spectrum Precisely

The LS-200 Full Spectrum Monitoring device is designed for use in Ci Series Weather-Ometers to measure precisely the SPD output of the xenon lamp. Said

Monitor Without Sensors

The G9SX-SM Standstill Safety Monitoring Unit monitors standstill status for machines with varied hazardous part stop times, with no sensors required.

Store Rollers for Integrity

The Proofer Storage Stand, said to offer operators easy availability, stores up to six proofer rollers and proofer assembly. Rollers are suspended by

Rewind Many Materials

Model RRW-1400 high-speed counter roll rewinder is designed to convert many materials, including gift wrap paper, wallpaper, metallized PP, PP, and PVC

Blower Control Aids Energy Efficiency

The FOX Runner portable pneumatic trim removal system now is available with new variable speed blower control. Company says the ability to vary blower

Monitor & Control Temperature

Gold Series single-wavelength IR temperature sensors provide reading measurement accuracy to 0.25% for monitoring and controlling product quality and

Prepress Software Allows Presets

Automation Engine 10 workflow server software for prepress workflow automation is said to be easy to set up and operate. Part of the company's Suite 10

Get Cleaner PET

EvoSeal EVOH sealant film is called an ideal inner ply for laminated barrier films used in regular, stand-up, and zipper pouches in the food industry.

Cut Thin Nonwovens

Nonwoven cutter, which operates at speeds to 300 cuts/min, uses air at the cutter and the vacuum transfer roll to allow handling lightweight and flimsy

Sleeve Extends Print Quality

The rotec Premium Sleeve offers minimal tolerances for the diameter and the runout. Said to provide constant register accuracy and continuous print quality

Detect Issues Wirelessly

The CorrTran MV Corrosion Detection Transmitters, which deliver multivariable outputs from a single transmitter, now can deliver the data wirelessly via

Gusset Boards Are Light

Gusset boards are said to reduce friction, eliminate heat buildup, and weigh almost half as much as traditional wooden gussets. Newer designs allow for

Rollers Add Precision

Redesigned GripLock Rollers give its Air Roll Lock Differential Shaft extra speed and precision in differential winding applications, company reports.

Digital Plate Is Durable

Company expands its digital plate portfolio with Aeon long-run, high-resolution, non-preheat thermal CtP plate. Said to provide owners of 830 nm thermal

Inspect in Many Applications

The MaxEye.F surface inspection system is designed in harmony with company's QC-In-Line concept. Includes all perceivable functions with detailed data-gathering

Generate Less Waste

The ECS 340 press offers a short web path requiring less material and generating less waste. Press integrates company's traditional technology for the

Modular Benefits At Less Cost

The Alpha Multi flexo press can print up to nine colors in a footprint of just 5 sq m. Said to offer a short web path and quick job change as well as

Printing Unit Display Is Portable

The Flexo New Generation printing unit with electronic gear is able to move all the drums with web-synchronized movements with no mechanical or electronic

Digital Press Is Flexible

The X-Jet from Omet, a digital version of the X-Flex line, is offered as a single unit of four printing heads (standalone) or in combination with an X-Flex

Press Sets Up Quickly

The P5, part of the Performance Series, is said to provide fast changeovers, simple operation, and superior print quality. Has simple, repeatable settings

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