IML/IMD Will be the Focus This Fall


AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS | IMLCON & IMDCON 2012, the International In-Mold Labeling & Decorating Conference & Exhibition, will be held October 4–5, 2012, at the Hyatt Rosemont Hotel just outside of Chicago. Organized by AWA Alexander Watson Assoc., the event will be preceded on October 3 by a visit to Marbach, Elkhart, IN, a supplier of custom tooling for the plastics packaging industry.

Topics at the conference will include:

• Mainstreaming IML/IMD

• Panel: Industry Cooperation–Case Study

Eco Design

• How to Convert Boa Closure Systems to an IML/IMD Product

• Innovations: Removable IML, 3D IML

• IML/IMD and Label Market Update

• And more.

According to AWA, opportunities will include peer networking with key players at a management, director, and executive level; the chance to meet multiple customers and partners in only a day and a half; in-depth market insights in packaging design, market developments, and trends for IML/IMD; innovations and cooperation strategies; and an industry exhibition where attendees can meet the suppliers of the industry and get updates about the latest products and materials.


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