Flex Pack

Disposable DVD Requires More Than an 'Ordinary' Package Deal

Evatone is leveraging a customized Multivac machine and oxygen-scavenging film from Cryovac to produce packaging for “time-sensitive” movies.

Waste & That Blue Box

More local and regional jurisdictions are seeking to deal with litter and solid waste by embracing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) laws that place

Bio Break Down

Technological breakthroughs in biodegradable flex-pack products have created a very real competition with their non-biodegradable counterparts.

Paxar Announces Immediate Availability of RFID Implementation Kit for Wal-Mart Suppliers

A member of EPCglobal, the agency managing the emerging standards for RFID, Paxar is a supplier of products that identify and track consumer products worldwide. (paxar.com)

The Family Breadwinner

AIMCAL recognizes winners of its annual competition for opening new markets and for technological superiority.

Patent Pending

Technology and innovation earn high honors in the Flexible Packaging Association's flex-pack competition.

Selling Quality

A Schiavi gearless press adds its capabilities to Seville Packaging's flex-pack operations.

Success Personified

With smart investing, including Ro-An bagmaking equipment, Packaging Personified Inc. is turning dreams into reality.

Data Sharing Made Simple

Wisconsin Film & Bag goes live with a customer relationship-management system to provide sales reps with current, shared data.

Converted Flexible Packaging Demand to Expand and Reach 6.8 Billion lbs. in 2008

Freedonia Group reports, as a result of continued new product introductions, customer convenience, and trends toward healthier eating patterns in the US, snack and produce markets will provide the best growth prospects for flexible packaging converters. (freedoniagroup.com)

A Pharma Focus

G&A Printers carves outs its niche by specializing in the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Uteco to Debut New Flexo Press and Gravure Products at Drupa 2004

Eurograv Ltd. reports Uteco Converting S.p.a will showcase one its new central impression (CI), 8-color gearless flexographic presses at Drupa. In addition, says the Uteco press distributor, Uteco will show a print unit on a new gravure press.

European Report Covers Flex-Pack Industry in Depth

On a recent trip to the U.K., I had dinner with Paul Gaster, a consultant at PCI Films Consulting Ltd. He showed me a quarterly business report published by PCI titled, “European Flexible Packaging,” that has been available since 1999.

Study Says Retort Pouch Production and Use Positioned for Sustained and Significant Growth

Packaging Strategies says a new study illustrates how this particular packaging market is positioned for significant, sustained growth.

AmeriStar Awards Honor Best in Packaging

The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) recently announced the winners of its AmeriStar Package Awards, honoring the best in packaging for 2003.

Inspection Perfection

Ultra Flex Packaging Corp. sees customers’ acceptance soar with AVT’s Apollo system on its slitter-rewinders.

Flexible Packaging & European Disposal Laws

This second article in a series on the impact of solid waste laws on converters examines packaging waste regulation in the European Union (EU) in light

BOPP Film: How Real Is the China Threat?

Plans to increase BOPP capacity in China have industry players worried.

Pactiv to Buy Plastic Packaging Assets of Rock-Tenn Company

Pactiv Corp. reports an agreement to purchase the plastic packaging assets of Rock-Tenn Company.

Breaking New Ground

With its recent purchase of the new PCMC Evolution, The Prairie State Group hopes to pave the way for a flexible packaging revolution.

When It Comes to Sleeves, Thin Is Not In

“More attention is being paid to sleeve quality. No longer is the lowest-priced sleeve the automatic choice,” says Anthony Foley, national marketing manager for Edward Graphics...

Flexible Packaging & Waste Disposal Laws: A US Perspective

The converting industry has brought flexible packaging options, with their attendant source-reduction benefits, to a great number of customers interested

Green Stands for Go

Seeking an environmental solution to a growing supermarket trend, Italian converter Sacchettificio Turconi turns to Cargill Dow's NatureWorks material.

Active Packaging

AWA Alexander Watson Assoc. explores the options and opportunities in security, brand protection, and product authentication with today's active packaging.

Catty Corp.: Flex-Pack Converter

Catty Corp. is so proud of its success and its new equipment, including a Deacro slitter and a Bobst Champlian press, it wants to let... THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG.

Splash & Pop

A new W&H Astraflex is giving customers of Pliant Corp.'s Langley plant eye-popping flexible packages with the splash afforded by printing with ten colors.

Is the Retort Pouch Really Ready to Replace the Metal Can?

Lately there has been a lot of press about the second coming of the retort pouch. Several industry pundits even have stated that in the next 3-5 years,

Why Do Flex-Pack?

With tight margins, a parade of manufacturing factors, and constant concern about product contamination, one wonders why converters "do" flex-pack. But the flex-pack professionals say the reward is in the process.

An Uplifting Experience

Pliant USA's Flexible Packaging Div. takes efficiency to new heights. A recent PFFC visit provided a look at its new PCMC press... and An Uplifting Experience

In Flexible Packaging, Barriers Are No Obstacles to Success

Success in business usually comes from finding ways to overcome barriers. But in the flexible packaging business, success is all about barriers, and in some cases, the higher the barrier, the better.

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