Multi-Client Studies


BURNSVILLE, MN—Allied Development Corp. has released three studies: Retort Pouches, Stick Pouches, and Stand-Up Pouches.

Retort Pouches—Global Markets, Opportunities, and Technologies—2006 to 2011 shows global retort pouch consumption has exceeded 10 billion pouches per year, and we project consumption to reach nearly 19 billion pouches by 2011. This study examines the key challenges and the opportunities facing the retort pouch industry. (price: $4,495)

Stick Pouches—Global Markets, Economics, and Technologies —2006 to 2010 is the first study dedicated to the stick pouch industry. Global stick pouch consumption has reached nearly 200 billion stick pouches per year, with some segments growing more than 30% per year. Find out what is driving this growth and if this growth be maintained. (price: $2,995)

Stand-up Pouches—Global Markets, Economics, and Technologies—2005 to 2009 is a detailed study of the global stand-up pouch industry. In 2005, global stand-up pouch consumption exceeded 20 billion pouches per year due to 15 consectutive years of 15% to 20% annual growth. Learn the future prospects for this Industry in this study. (price: $3,995)

All three are available in electronic or printcopy formats. Additional passwords for electronic versions are available for $25 each and additional printcopies for $500 each.

To place an order, call 952/898-2000 or visit Discounts available on multiple purchases, and not available via the Web site.

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