BYK-Gardner Smart-Lab Analyzes Color in Lab


COLUMBIA, MD | BYK-Gardner announces a new software smart-lab for color analysis and effect analysis in the laboratory that analyzes all data measured with the BYK-mac: six-angle color, sparkle, and graininess. The measurements are taken in an online mode and are displayed instantly after measurement or can be retrieved from the linked database (sdf-format for efficient data analysis of large data sets).

A “Standard Management” module can be used to set up the color difference method and tolerances. Then just connect the BYK-mac with the PC, measure the master panel, apply the respective tolerances, and compare the actual samples against the standard. Results are automatically shown in a data table and graph.

All measurement data are stored in a database (sdf-format). Clearly structured filters can be used for data selection. Standards and samples can also be saved in “projects” as xml-files. Projects can also combine data saved in different measurement databases.

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