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How do you drink water that is 20,000 years old? In a very modern flexible pouch from Ampac Flexibles — Converted Products, Cincinnati, OH. The contaminant-free water from Wasatch IceWater Co., Park City, UT, was found in a natural artesion well, and Wasatch fills the Ampac pouches in a plant built at the source. The proprietary pouch combines PET and biaxially oriented nylon with a coextruded organoleptic inner layer said to protect taste, odor, color, etc., and to protect against structural failure The pouch includes Ampac's SmartSpout dispensing system and is rotogravure printed in five colors on an eight-color Toshiba Sectional Drive press.
Supplier Information:
Toshiba — PFFC-ASAP 310.

Java on Display

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its CC Coffe House, Community Coffee is offering its Private Reserve brand to Coffee House customers (and online). CC's Mike Duffy says his company chose Sonoco to deliver a premium package with a sophisticated appearance, citing “…Sonoco's considerable experience…combined with its relationship with state-of-the-art cylinder engraving company Keating Gravure….” The PET/ink/adh/foil/adh/PE structure, which is printed at Sonoco's Mississauga, ON, Canada, plant, includes a tin-tie closure to make the package easy to use.
Supplier Information:
Keating Gravure Systems — PFFC-ASAP 311.

Uptown Sweets

FiberMark premium reflective cover stocks add color and depth to the repackaged Toffee Break Signature Collection brand. Iridescents by Corvon is used for the base of the boxes; the top lids feature Metallics by Skivertex. The high-end packaging is designed to attract connoisseurs of boutique confectionery in luxury retail establishments.
Supplier Information:
FiberMark — PFFC-ASAP 312.

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