Global Sleeve Label Market Study Published by AWA Alexander Watson Associates

BERKHAMSTED, UK | A new in-depth study of the dynamic sleeve labeling market has just been published by AWA Alexander Watson Associates. The research report "AWA Global Sleeve Label Market Study 2018" is an update on the current status in this market. It confirms how strongly sleeve labeling technology has established itself in a relatively short timescale.

Today claiming around 18 percent of the overall global label market, it is a maturing technology -- but growth is still strong, at an annual 5.5 percent. As the study documents, most of the volumes are in heat shrink sleeves, representing around 88 percent of usage, with the Asian region claiming the highest volumes by far.

Across all the sleeve label formats, (heat shrink, stretch sleeve, ROSO™ MD sleeve, and RFS MD sleeve) the major end-use market sector is beverages, at 66 percent of volumes, with food-related applications in second place at 19 percent.

The study goes on to examine the different sleeve material substrates used for each format, as well as the structure of the related supply chains and documents the regional geographical market characteristics. The AWA Global Sleeve Label Market Study 2018 provides a thorough understanding of the technology today and tomorrow for all involved in the market across the value chain, and for those considering future entry.

Full details of the AWA Global Sleeve Label Market Study 2018 maybe found on the AWA Alexander Watson Associates website, www.awa-, where the report may also be ordered online.

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