Fast Access: To streamline and automate operations, Protect-all installs PECAS Vision ERP software from Radius Solutions

As a growing manufacturer of extrusion coating and adhesive lamination products, Protect-all needed to replace its outgrown information management system. The company wanted a fully integrated manufacturing/accounting enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to gain additional efficiency and productivity throughout the organization. The solution also needed to provide additional converting industry workflow functionality, along with real-time business intelligence data to facilitate the executive decision-making process.

Protect-all's ERP selection team spent more than a year going through a comprehensive due diligence process in selecting its next-generation ERP partner. More than 30 vendors initially were considered before the team targeted six final software vendor candidates.

Radius Solutions ultimately was chosen to provide its PECAS Vision software. "Our team was impressed with how well PECAS Vision was fully integrated," says Benjamin Vogel, director of information technology at Protect-all. "In demonstrations of their product, there were no work-arounds needed to accommodate our operating processes in any area of our business."

System Affects Entire Organization
Protect-all will implement the entire PECAS Vision Suite including Sales and Production Estimating, Order Handling, Production Scheduling, Shop Floor Data Collection, Material Purchasing, Inventory Control, Job Costing, and Financials. The company looks forward to achieving many additional benefits from implementing the application, such as wireless warehouse inventory control, better enterprise collaboration, improved access to business intelligence, and rapid reporting.

"A new system will be a major part of our organization, affecting every part of our business," says Vogel, including 130,000 sq ft of manufacturing and warehouse space. "In working with Radius Solutions, it was obvious they understand what our company does, what our needs are, and how critical this system is to our business. They also have a well-thought-out and thorough implementation plan that we feel confident will achieve results."

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