WHQuiz Answer #6 - Roller Alignment

WebHandlersQuiz 6: Rollers - What is a reasonable specification for roller alignment in mm/m, milli-radians, or mils/in? Answer...

WHQuiz Answer #5 - Draw Control Pros/Cons

WebHandlersQuiz 5: Tension (Draw) Control – Name one advantage and one disadvantage of draw control (a.k.a. as speed ratio control)? Answer...

WHQuiz Answer #4 - Load Cell Roller Advantages

WebHandlersQuiz 4: Tension Control – Name one advantage of using a tension load cell roller has over a dancer roller in a closed-loop tension control system? Answer...

WHQuiz Answer #3 - Dancer Roller Advantages

WebHandlersQuiz 3: Tension Control – Name one advantage of using a dancer roller has over a tension load cell roller in a closed-loop tension control system? Answer...

A Viking Fan at Lambeau? What I do for Web Handling...

I will be attending my first Converter's Expo on March 1 in Green Bay, WI. As a MN Viking season ticket holder, it  is a little bit like stepping in to the Lion's den (or Bear's den), but to share web handling knowledge, I'll do it. 

WHQuiz Answer #2 - Crossweb Tension Variations

WebHandlersQuiz 2: Tension Control – Name three causes of tension variations across the web’s width (i.e. things would create a loose edge or center)?

WHQuiz Answer #1 - The Right Tension

WebHandlersQuiz1: Tension Control - How do you determine the target web handling tension for a give product in units of force or force per width? Answer...

Tim's Web Lines Blog Starts NOW

This month marks the 10th anniversary of Web Lines column by T.J. Walker. Beginning our second decade, we are moving beyond the monthly column to share web handling process knowledge via this blog. 

Web Lines | Test Your Web Handling Knowledge

Can you pass this 20-question quiz to prove you understand basic principles of web handling?

Martin to Show Full Line at drupa 2012

Martin Automatic will exhibit web handling and splicing equipment at drupa 2012, including web transport equipment, ROI evaluations, and more

Web Handling Workshops from TJWA & Optimation

Wrinkling, spreading, winding, tension control, and web defects are some of the topics on the agenda in a 2012 series of web handling workshops

Three AIMCAL Events Are on the Horizon

Upcoming AIMCAL events include the Management Meeting, the first European technical conference, and the US Web Coating/Web Handling conference

New Butt Splicer and Rewinder for Pemara Labels Malaysia

Martin Automatic equipment provides nonstop operation on a Gallus press

Sheeter Upgrade from Montalvo is Record-Breaker

With new equipment from Montalvo, including tension controls, brakes, and load cells, an eight-pocket sheeter set a world record for speed

Web Lines | Blocking in Rolls

Get out of the hockey puck business…



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