NimCor Roll Restorer Keeps Repair in Plant

Repair crushed or damaged cores on the plant floor with the Roll Restorer from NimCor

Fife Web Guide Has Color Touch Screen Display

Compact FIFE-500 is easy to learn and operate with multiple languages

NimCor Small Diameter Air Shafts Suit Narrow Web Applications

Custom-engineered air shafts for small diameter cores achieve critical performance for special converting applications.

Parkinson Lists NPE Offerings

Winding, slitting, and melt filtration technology, including the new Key Filters KCH screen changer, will be on display at Parkinson’s NPE booth

NimCor Offers Refurbishing Service

A bridge mandrel adapter refurbishing service from NimCor reportedly restores them to like-new condition

WHQuiz Answer #14 - Web Wrinkling and Deflection (2)

WebHandlersQuiz 16: Spreading - Name a spreader or anti-wrinkle roller that does NOT have a rubber surface?  Answer...

WHQuiz Answer #14 - Web Wrinkling and Deflection

WebHandlersQuiz 15: Wrinkling – If a roller is deflecting into a bowed shape due to gravity, which direction is it best NOT to approach that roller if you don’t want to wrinkle: vertically from above, vertically from below, or horizontally?  Answer...

WHQuiz Answer #13 - Web Wrinkling vs. Speed

WebHandlersQuiz 13: Wrinkling - If you see wrinkles at low speeds, but the wrinkles go away at higher speeds, what is the most likely reason?  Answer...

WHQuiz Answer #12 -Web Tracking

WebHandlersQuiz 12: Web Tracking – In a vertical span, which will cause the web to track off center more, a roller tram or level error?  Answer...

WHQuiz Answer #11 - Intermediate Guiding

WebHandlersQuiz 11: Guiding - For automatic guiding in the middle of a process, which is preferred – A steering type guide or a displacement type guide?  Answer...

WHQuiz Answer #10 - Laminate Curl

WebHandlersQuiz 10: Laminating – If a two-layer laminate product curls to the top layer in the machine direction, which would reduce the curl: increase or decrease the top layer pre-laminate tension?  Answer...

WHQuiz Answer #8 - Nipped Driven Rollers

WebHandlersQuiz 8: Traction – When is a nipped roller needed on a driven roller separating two tension zones?  Answer...

WHQuiz Answer #9 - Nip Uniformity

WebHandlersQuiz 9: Nipped Rollers - What is a simple measurement to determine if two nip rollers are pressing together uniformly?  Answer...

Gralex Unwind Stands Allow One-Person Changes

SRS Series unwind stands have self-adjusting friction brakes, lightweight shaft and core chuck assembly, and require no tools for changeovers

WHQuiz Answer #7 - Large Diameter Rollers

WebHandlersQuiz 7: Rollers – Which rollers in a process will likely have the largest diameters? Answer...



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