Web Lines | Curl Mechanics Pt. 1—Machine Direction Curl

In this first part of a four part series on curl, web handling expert Tim Walker discusses curl in coated and laminated products

Web Lines | Winding Process Fundamentals, Pt. 3

In Part 3 of this four-part series, web handling expert Tim Walker answers the question: How do dimensional changes within a roll (e.g., compression) change roll strains and stresses?

Basics: What Are the Key Process Variables of Winding?

Basic definitions of tension, nip, and torque help describe what variables are important when winding a roll.

What impact can temperature change have on a roll?

The best rule of thumb is to avoid heating or cooling winding or wound rolls. Keep a roll's temperature stable.

Web Lines | Winding Process Fundamentals, Pt. 2

In Part 2 of this four-part series, web handling expert Tim Walker tackles tension control from the first to the final lap of the winding roll

Eliminating Tin-Canning Rings on Your Wound Rolls

The elimination of roll rings that simulate rings on a tin soup can is a perennial problem for web handling experts. This list of possible solutions might work for you.

Web Lines | Winding Process Fundamentals, Pt. 1

Understanding winding, roll defects, and winding-related web quality begins with understanding how the web, winder design, and process conditions combine to create the stress and strains of the wound roll.

Roll Handling | Recycled Fiber Cradles Stand Up to Rigors of International Shipping

Belgium film and tape manufacturer finds roll protection savings with imported Rollguard fiber cradles.

Martin Automatic Joins Two Overseas Events

Martin keynotes a conference in Dubai and exhibits at Labelexpo India

Web Handling | To Break or Not To Break--What is the Tension?

Determining at what tension a web will break or deform comes down to a material's property.

Appleton Device Moves Light Loads

The Light Duty CartMover from Appleton Mfg. Div. features on-board charging and a more upright configuration

Chevron Phillips Updates Lab with Davis-Standard Winder

Adds new stationary knife winder and roll changer to its extrusion coating laboratory in Bartlesville, OK

Web Lines | Why Bigger Cores?

Bigger cores avoid many winding defects. Fewer layers mean less near-core pressure buildup and high-pressure defects.

Appleton Core Recycler Can Be Customized

With new choices for users including widths, weight, and power source, the Safe-Slab Core Recycler from Appleton Mfg. Division has many options

Badger’s Sleeve Plug Aids Roll Goods Suspension

New double flange sleeve plug from Badger Plug locks onto U-slotted boards to speed and simplify roll goods suspension

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