Anar Rub Tech Private Offers Variety of Rollers

A wide selection of products suited for use in packaging, printing, laminating, and more includes rollers, shafts, chucks, and sleeves

Badger Plug Offers Pad Plugs

Said to simplify roll suspension and product dispensing, plugs allow rolls to rotate easily

NimCor Offers Chucks in Two Varieties

Torque chucks are for continuous duty applications, while air mechanical chucks are said to provide bladderless gripping action with no slippage

Appleton Mfg. Division Upgrades Core Recycler

The Slabber XLA for nonwovens offers full automation and process integration to original Safe-Slab recycler

Newark Analyzes Radial Crush Tester for QC

Tester for tube and core manufacturing is said to mimic the amount of pressure put on core by film and other substrates

Badger Plug Announces Steel Core Plugs

Said to assure roll protection, plugs are offered in a variety of diameters and models

Badger Plug Undersized Core Plugs Available

Undersized core plugs are said to help hold overwraps in place while protecting cores from damage

Badger Plug Offers Kits to Assemble Spools

Said to help assemble a variety of spools easily and economically, kits contain everything you need

Appleton Core Recycler Can Be Customized

With new choices for users including widths, weight, and power source, the Safe-Slab Core Recycler from Appleton Mfg. Division has many options

Core Systems Cutter Has Automated Features

The CM10 core cutter from Core Systems has an automatic cutting cycle and is available with an automatic core advance system and knife adjustment

Newark Group Starts E-Commerce Site

With 98 pre-cut sizes available and 48-hour shipping guaranteed, Newark Group’s new website is targeted to short-run tube and core markets

Appleton Offers Entry-Level Core Cutter

The A301 automatic core cutter is designed to reduce material use and costs in entry-level use, and features are upgradable as needs change

Get NimCor Air Adapter Chucks Quickly

Aid adapter chucks from NimCor, designed to fit larger core sizes, are available in Rapid-Ship program

Core Systems Cutter Saves Changeover Time

Dual mandrel core cutter from Core Systems Intl., said to save money and time, is offered in three versions

NimCor Roll Restorer Keeps Repair in Plant

Repair crushed or damaged cores on the plant floor with the Roll Restorer from NimCor

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