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A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

Providing practical information to the converting and packaging industries —a Communication from the Polymers, Laminations, and Coatings Div. of TAPPI.

How to Influence Gloss and Friction Coatings or Cast Films by the Chill Roll Surface Design

The chill roll surface layer and design have important technical influences on extrusion coating and cast film processes.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

Jeffrey J. Siegel assumes board position on TAPPI board; John Benham becomes TAPPI fellow.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

The PLACE div. of TAPPI reports this month: The 2004 PLACE conference will feature "Flexible Film Web Handling and Winding," a tutorial and panel discussion chaired by Black Clawson Machinery's R. Duane Smith. Tim Walker, of TJ Walker & Assoc. (and Paper, Film & Foil Converter's "Web Lines" columnist) will be among the distinguished panelists for the tutorial. Also, John Ozcomert has accepted the role of Scholarship Chairperson for the PLACE div. of TAPPI.

Novel Method for Testing the Grease Resistance of Plastic-Based Dry Pet Food Packaging

Dry pet food packaging needing high resistance to staining from or migration of fat content requires rapid and reliable standardized tests for development and quality control purposes. New tests show high reproducibility and good correlation with field performance.

A Communication from the PLACE div. of TAPPI

The 2004 Film and Extrusion Coating Short Course will offer attendees the opportunity to learn the latest information concerning basic extrusion resins and the extruders and dies for their use. In addition, the course will provide information on the equipment and process technology that is specific to the blown film, cast film, and extrusion coating operations.

Migration of Fluorescent Whitening Agents from Food Packaging Made from Recycled Paper

Application: A polyethylene coating can prevent migration of fluorescent whitening agents from food packaging made from recycled fibers.

TAPPI Offers New Product

Beginning in March 2004, TAPPI will offer a new product for companies and individuals who use the TAPPI Test Methods and Technical Information Papers (TIPS).

The PLACE Division of TAPPI Announces Film and Extrusion Coating Short Course

The PLACE Division of TAPPI has announced a short course entitled: 2004 PLACE Film and Extrusion Coating Short Course. It will be April 19-21, 2004, at the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri.

G Prime A Rheological Indicator to Predict the Extrusion Coating Performance of LDPE

Application: A new rheological test method can predict the processing performance of LDPE for extrusion coating.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

Personnel in the converting and packaging industries will want to obtain the fully searchable “1995-2003 TAPPI PLACE Conference Proceedings Anthology CD-ROM.”

Dual-Deckle System for Trouble-Free Web Width Variation

Application: When incorporated into a die with an appropriate flow channel design and a modern flex lip adjusting system, a dual-deckle system will significantly improve operational efficiency by minimizing costly down time.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

TAPPI's the PLACE div. (polymers, laminations, adhesives, coatings, and extrusions) announces initial plans for 2004 TAPPI conference. Megan Marie Stasak, RIT student, received Ralph A. Klucken Scholarship awarded by the PLACE.

PLACE Recognizes Best Entries from Recent Conference

Registrants at the 2003 TAPPI PLACE Conference and GLOBAL HOT MELT Symposium completed ballot forms to select winners for the Best Papers, Best Session, and Dragon Djordjevic Award.

Division Honors Members

At its recent conference in Orlando, Florida, the PLACE Division of TAPPI honored various members for their volunteer work.

TAPPI Sponsors Smart Packaging Event

TAPPI is sponsoring the Intelligent and Smart Packaging USA Conference with exhibition organized by Pira International and IDTechEx. The event is January 27 and 28, 2004, at the Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cast Film Lines for Barrier Films

Application: Besides the blown film process, cast film technology is the most significant production method for manufacture of barrier films ranging from 20 to 300 microns. The number of layers, the selection of polymers, the layer configuration, and the thickness of the individual layers depend on the intended film use.

Converter Panel Attracts Interest at Conference

The most popular session at the 2003 TAPPI PLACE Conference and GLOBAL HOT MELT Symposium was the Converter Spotlight organized and chaired by Rory Wolf of Enercon Industries Corporation.

Producing Coextruded High Barrier Heat-Shrinkable Packaging Films

Application: Examining and comparing high barrier polymers and structures provides guidelines for matching film performance with application.

Division Issues Call for Papers

The PLACE Division of TAPPI has issued a call for papers for its conference in 2004. The group is looking for volunteers willing to share their real-life experiences in roundtable and panel discussions, tutorials, workshops, case studies, and traditional technical paper presentations.

Adhesion of Coatings to Aluminum Foil

Application: The composition and chemistry of an aluminum foil surface are important to achieve good wettability, bond formation, and durable adhesion on this substrate.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

Jeff Wooster, TAPPI's the PLACE div. chairperson asks PLACE div. members what they need/want; Gary D. Oliver was announced winner of the 2003 TAPPI PLACE div. award.

A New Enhanced Polyethylene for Extrusion Coating and Laminating

Application: Using metallocene catalyst technology provides an enhanced polyethylene with excellent heat sealing performance in extrusion-coated and extrusion-laminated constructions.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

A Communication from the Polymers, Laminations and Coatings Division of TAPPI.

TAPPI's the PLACE to Sponsor Short Courses in Dallas

The Polymers, Laminations, Adhesives, and Coatings div. of TAPPI is sponsoring two short courses in Dallas, TX, in February 2001 at the Crowne Plaza Market

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