Azco Multi-Purpose Slitter Module is Flexible


FAIRFIELD, NJ | Azco Corp. offers the AcuSlit slitter module, a rotary system featuring a Crush Cut Slittersolid, hardened anvil and blade materials that are through hardened D-2 steel. Each unit is equipped with precision bearings designed to handle high load forces, as well as precision
machined steel side frame plates. Reportedly, the unit can be mounted on any production line and perform a variety of tasks from simple slitting to motorized slitter
functions that cut dense materials.

Shear cut slitters are said to provide clean, precise cuts on
flexible materials and provide the longest blade life. Crush cut slitters effectively cut thicker, low-density materials such as filter media and nonwovens. These are convenient units for frequent changeovers. Shear Cut Slitter

Available in both on-line and cut-to-length configurations, unit is multi-purpose and accurate, company says, and it can easily replace existing outdated slitter stations or serve as an add-on to any web processing line.


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