OMET Announces Open House

LECCO, ITALY | OMET will host an open house for existing and potential customers at its headquarters in Lecco, Italy, from March 9—11, to provide an opportunity to see new OMET equipment in a production setting. Among the new presses will be the 430 VaryFlex combination press, including offset groups, bound for Turkey. The offset group comprises a compendium of technology, printing precision, and robustness for printing value-add labels. The VaryFlex combination press is capable of harmonizing different printing solutions in-line that include rotogravure, flexo, silk-screen, foiling, converting, and offset.

A 430 X-Flex, winner of the Flexographic Technical Assn.’s 2008 Innovation Award and the Label Award for Continuous Innovation during Label-Expo 2010, will feature flexo, silk-screen, and converting groups;  a 530 VaryFlex machine will feature rotogravure and flexo for printing flexible packaging film.

Another 530 VaryFlex will print heavy-duty cartons, and a 670 VaryFlex will feature in-line lamination.

Customers can tour the company production halls and assist in live demos. The flexible demo schedule will accommodate travel arrangements so customers can view all the demos in one day.

For further information on the Open House, call Chris Leyes at Matik, 860-232-2323.

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