Apex Group of Companies Has New Name


HAPERT, THE NETHERLANDS | Apex Group of Companies, manufacturer of anilox and metering roll solutions, has made the strategic decision to drop “Group of Companies” from their name in an effort to align global operations under a single, unifying nomenclature. Moving forward, the organization will be known both internally and externally as Apex International.

“We want to ensure that our supplier partners, our competition and, most especially, our customers recognize our brand as being global in scale,” says Ken Ralton, president of Apex International. “We have five production facilities on four continents and sell anilox and metering solutions to customers in over 80 countries. The key message is that Apex customers, no matter where their operations are, can and should expect the same quality and same commitment to service excellence. Apex International is one company with a focus on supplying the highest quality, most technologically advanced anilox solutions in the world while also leading the industry with an uncommon commitment to the end-to-end customer experience. And we’re willing to prove it by opening our doors to any customer that wants a first-hand look at what makes Apex International different.”

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