Abrasion Resistance for Corrugated Shipping Containers

CINCINNATI, OH | Michelman’s Nomar Series of abrasion resistant coatings meet market requirements for non-scuff performance for corrugated shipping containers. When shipping items as small as a box of cereal or as large as a dishwasher, the Nomar Series coatings eliminate the abrasion that commonly occurs inside the shipping containers during transit, allowing for scratch-free goods that are ready for sale upon arrival.

The need for abrasion resistance has reportedly increased dramatically as recycled fibers replace virgin-kraft fibers. Coatings are environmentally friendly due to their water-based composition. While not recommended for skid resistance and water-resistance protection, the coatings are FDA approved, can withstand the heat of corrugation, will not transfer on to the packaged items, and are gluable with most water-based and hot-melt adhesives.

Typically used for snack food packages to prevent pin-holing, packaging for automotive parts such as headlight lenses and plastic body parts to prevent scratching, partitions inside boxes so that more items can be packed into each box without the risk of abrasion, and on corner posts used in appliance boxes to reduce surface friction between the appliance and the box. Visit: www.michem.com/Products/Nomar

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