Flexo Plate Manufacturer Offers Free Trial Plates

INDIANAPOLIS, IN | PRPflexo, an established plate manufacturer, is currently seeking flexo printers for additional trials of the company’s new patent-pending digital flexo plates (patent for the Digital ExSpect plates is pending and is expected to be awarded shortly). Participants will be asked to utilize the new Digital ExSpect plates on their presses to run existing work where comparisons are available. Initial results have indicated the new plates outlast conventional digital plates by as much as 200%. In addition, it is claimed to run cleaner for longer, reduced set-up times with less dot gain than other plates tested. In return for participation, printers will be provided the plates at no charge for a mutually agreed upon job. Documentation of the run data must be provided, with results of the testing to be documented in industry publications. Interested parties should respond to Christopher Green at 317-690–3009 or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Visit: www.prpflexo.com.

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