Interpack 2008 Exceeds Expectations

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY | Imagine, if you will, 2,744 exhibitors from 60 countries presenting innovations in machinery for the production of packaging, confectionery, bakery goods, and packaging materials. Then add 179,000 visitors from 121 countries. This was the setting for what is billed as among the most “positive” of moods in the 50-year history of Interpack in terms of contacts generated and volume of orders.

Messe Dusseldorf show organizers of the April 24—30 event are predicting a lucrative post-show business as well, based on the optimistic expectations before the show and the number of reported contacts at the show. A whopping 97% of this year’s exhibitors have reserved space for the next Interpack, staged for May 12—18, 2011. As well, according to a survey taken at the show, 97% of the visitors gave Interpack 2008 top marks.

Of the visitors, 78% were interested in process technologies and machinery for packaging as well as packaging production. Second to this was an in interest in packaging materials and packaging by 50% of the attendees. Top on their list for viewing for 14% of the visitors were machinery and process technology for confectionery and bakery goods.

Also intriguing visitor interest were presentations on “Bioplastics in Packaging” and “InnovationParc Packaging,” sponsored by Pro Carton Intl. (the European Assn. of Cartonboard and Carton Mfrs.), EHI Retail Inst., the Pan-European Brand Design Assn. (PDA), and 45 participating companies. Sustainable plastic materials, as a complement to established materials, generated high attention, seeming to promise further growth at future shows. For further information, visit their web site.

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