High-speed, Rapid-Cycling Liquid Adhesive Dispenser Guns

DULUTH, GA | Nordson Corp. unveils two new high-speed, rapid-cycling liquid adhesive dispensing electric guns, suitable for folding carton production as well as the paper and paperboard converting industries. The guns are designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of production processes and deliver more consistent, high-quality bonding of materials. The LA 825 RC electric gun has an elongated reduced cavity nozzle for small adhesive quantities, intermittent application, and high-line speeds found in folding carton production while the LA 825 electric gun is suited for the paper and paperboard converting industries. Both applicators are said to maintain consistent bead length in high-speed intermittent production regardless of line speed, improve product quality, and enhance production flexibility. Features include a 250Hz continuous cycle rate, sharp adhesive cutoff and clean operation, as well as an improved stroke adjustment, providing a highly-accurate, consistent flow. Their narrow profiles and capability for multiple gun configurations also reportedly provide manufacturers with outstanding application flexibility. Call toll-free at 800-683-2314 or visit www.nordson.com.

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