International Label Group Meets In Brussels

Brussels, Belgium –|The fourth annual meeting of ILG members took place at the Crowne Plaza City Centre in Brussels on September 27, 2009, with members coming from all over the world. It opened with a welcoming speech by the President, Jonathan Bourbonnière, Etiquettes Multi-Action, and the presentation of new members. It was followed by Frederic La Brie, President and COO of ETI Converting Equipment, presenting the latest technologies developed by their R & D department.

Among the topics discussed were new products made with the ETI technology and the success encountered with them in the various markets. Purchasing and raw material cost were also discussed.

All ILG members are ET I Converting technology users, which allow them to manufacture their own rolls of PS material. This Canadian company has not been affected by the current economic climate and has recorded an important increase of its turnover this year.

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