Channeled Resources Group Achieves L.I.F.E. Certification

CHICAGO, IL | Channeled Resources Group was awarded L.I.F.E. (Label Initiative for the Environment) certification after successfully completing an audit conducted by NSF International Strategic Registration in early June.

L.I.F.E. is an environmental certification offered exclusively by the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI). There are four categories of focus with 31 metrics that must be individually addressed. L.I.F.E. promotes environmental responsibility throughout the labeling industry. Certification necessitates best practices and sustainable products that meet or exceed environmental standards. L.I.F.E. enables TLMI members to find cost-effective ways to reduce their environmental footprint.

Calvin Frost, Channeled Resources Group CEO, and a long time environmental activist in the label industry, is very proud of his team in Wisconsin who went through the certification process. “Our people worked very hard evaluating our current state, identifying areas that need to be improved, making necessary changes and documenting the process and new procedures.” Calvin agrees that L.I.F.E. gives TLMI members the opportunity to implement sustainable initiatives in a cost effective manner.

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