Seminars For Engineering Reduces Web Handling Seminar Cost

MADISON, NJ | Due to the recession being experienced by the web handling, converting and printing industries, Seminars for Engineers USA has reduced its price for its two-day technical seminar Principles of Web Handling, to be held on June 17—18, 2009, in Charleston, SC. The course will cost $899, a $300 savings over the usual seminar cost. This should substantially eliminate any transportation costs.

This seminar teaches the must-know areas of web handling including tension control, roller design and alignment, nips, guiding, wrinkling and spreading. The training will address these topics at all levels, providing rules of thumb and their basis in engineering mechanics. Extensive class notes include hundreds of illustrations to help understand advanced concepts.

Instructed by Chris Watson, a web handling technology authority, the course is applicable to any web-based product, including paper, film, metals, nonwovens, textiles, or any combination of coated or laminated webs. It is intended for product and process designers, process engineers, quality, maintenance and lead operators, as well as sales and service personnel.

More information about this seminar and others that are web-related throughout the year is available at, by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by calling 877-755-2272 or 973-560-9092.

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