Baldwin Technology, Nordson UV Enter into Private Label Agreements

SHELDON, CT | Baldwin Technology and Nordson UV have strengthened their relationship by entering into Private Label Supplier agreements to cover Japan, Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and France, enabling Baldwin to supply UV, IR and combination UV/IR systems. The two manufacturers have worked together for the last 18 months on an informal basis, when press OEMs or end-customers have required a combination UV/IR system. In these regions, Baldwin will now market Nordson UV systems under the Baldwin brand.

Through one contract, Nordson becomes an OEM supplier of UV curing systems to Baldwin Japan, which can now sell Nordson UV curing systems to press OEMs and end users in the Japanese and Korean commercial markets. In a separate but coordinated agreement, Baldwin IVT will rebrand the Nordson UV products as Baldwin UV for sale into the commercial markets in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and France, countries in which Nordson UV is not currently represented. In other countries the two companies will continue to work together on an informal basis.

“Baldwin IVT in Sweden is a leading manufacturer of high performance IR drying systems and responsible for Baldwin’s global strategy and business in this product area, while Nordson produces mainly UV curing systems,” says David Nixon managing director of Baldwin IVT. “Many of our customers, including press OEMs and end-users, are the same or at least operating in similar markets. It made sense to put what has been a successful business partnership on a more formal footing.

“During the last few years Baldwin has entered into strategic alliances with several leading manufacturers around the world and these partnerships have been instrumental in the creation of Baldwin’s unique range of process automation systems for the printing industry. This latest agreement represents a major addition of a value-added technology and service.”

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