RadTech Survey Says Energy Curable Apps to Grow

CHEVY CHASE, MD, USA—According to RadTech International North America's biennial survey North American Market Update, "suppliers of ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) technology are bullish on near-term growth." RadTech says the study points to the "significant" operational and "enabling" benefits of the process; survey respondents (which includes over 80 industry suppliers and end users) project market growth to be between six and nine percent each year over the next three years.

Conducted 2000 and 2001, the survey's respondents reported growth of UV- and EB-formulated product usage up more than eight percent, to just over 77, 000 metric tons. During much of that period, says RadTech, the US manufacturing sector was in decline, leading up to September 11, when the US economy fell into a broad recessionary climate. Survey respondents suggest the moderation in growth of UV/EB from previous double-digit levels reflects the overall weakening economic conditions, rather than any lessening in enthusiasm for the technology, adds RadTech.

Says James Reese, RadTech president: "The are a number of applications where UV/EB is establishing a foothold, and industry penetration is expected to grow significantly. Survey results point to a diverse list of techniques and substrates, including digital printing, rapid prototyping, adhesives, automotive, and food packaging."

Survey results are available @ radtech.org.

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