ALCAT Italy opens its doors for an open house

ALCAT SRL will open its doors to all customers and organize an Open House again. This periodical customer event is very popular among international customers and a well-known source of new technologies and innovations. The Open House 2008 takes place in Casale Monferrato March 3 - April 4, 2008.

The Open House event is a mix of customer-, base material supplier- and Alcat machine presentations for the film, foil and paper converting industry. Alcat speakers will present the latest product innovations, application experience and new coating technologies. The various technical sessions will cover production, application, coating and machinery know how.

The Open House will include a factory visit and machines will be shown during the test-run operations.

The highlights during the factory tour are two big converting machines in their final assembly stage.
The Open House takes place in Casale Monferrato during two months and starts on Monday 3th March and will close on Friday 4th April.

ALCAT Srl designs, builds and provides machinery for the coating and laminating industry. Based in Casale Monferrato (AL) Italy, ALCAT provides converting equipment for paper, film, and foil substrates. ALCAT supplies a full range of equipment from single machine sections to complete, turnkey coating line installations. Experienced and specialized staff insures future-oriented engineering from the production and environmental aspects. Further information.

To arrange your visit for the Open House please contact:

Via A. Grandi, 12/14
Tel +39 0142 478564
Fax +39 0142 478110
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Availability : week 10 – 11 – 12 (from 03/03/08 to 21/03/08)

  • Nr. 1 Coating Machine mod. EasyCoat SHL1670/400/WB

  • Water-based coating

  • Paper from 50 to 200 g/m² Max. web width 1.650 mm

  • Unwinder max reel diameter 1.100 mm

  • Rewinder max reel diameter 1.100 mm

  • Max mechanical speed 400 m/min.

  • Max production speed 400 m/min.

  • Max. production speed for coating 350 m/min.
  • Availability: week 12 – 13 – 14 (from 17/03/08 to 04/04/08)

    Nr. 1 Co-extrusion Coating Laminating machine mod. ALCAT / EXC-C2-LAM-600/150

    Products to be extruded:

    PE, PP, PEMDL, EAA, EMA, EVA, Ionomers, HDPE, Linear PE

    Extrusion structure B/A/B A/A/B

    Primary unwinder Annealed Alu-Foil from 9 to 40 μm

    Sandwich unwinder Annealed Alu-Foil from 9 to 40 μm

    Rewinder Extrusion coated and/or extrusion laminated materials

    Max. web width 600 mm

    Max. reel diameter of Primary unwinder 800 mm

    Max. reel diameter of Sandwich unwinder 600 mm

    Max. reel diameter of Rewinder 1.000 mm

    Max mechanical speed 170 m/min.

    Max production speed 150 m/min.
    Availability : A)- week 13 – 14 (from 25/03/08 to 04/04/08)
    B)- week 18 – 19 (from 28/04/08 to 09/05/08)
    A)- Nr. 1 special automatic duplex surface Rewinder Model AV 3000
    B)- Nr. 1 special automatic duplex surface Rewinder Model AV 3000

    Paper from 20 ÷ 60 g/m2

    Max. web width 1.540 mm

    Max. reel diameter 1.300 mm

    Max. mechanical speed 370 m/min.

    Max. speed of automatic change-over 350 m/min.

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