Adhesives Multi-Client Study

WHIPPANY, NJ | U.S. demand for adhesives is about 17 billion lb. worth in excess of $13 billion. In total, some 40 types of polymers are employed in the manufacture of adhesives distributed among 20 markets. Prices range from $0.22 per lb. for starch to $5,000 per lb. for some adhesives in dental and medical applications. Specialty adhesives account for less than 3% of the tonnage but 18% of dollars. Adhesives pose less environmental problems than other segments of the chemical industry, as over 96% of the adhesive volume is in nonsolvent (water-based and 100% solids) systems.

These are some of the findings of "Adhesives VIII," carried out by Skeist Inc., is a multi-client, techno-economic marketing study following the technical and marketing developments in the adhesives business.

"Adhesives VIII" is an investigation of markets, raw materials, technological advances, marketing trends, prices, leading suppliers and major end uses. The study also contains information on U.S. consumption for 2006 with projections for 2011. It covers some 40 types of materials that are essential components in more than 20 industries. Separate sections on hot melts, pressure-sensitives, engineering/structural adhesives, preformed adhesives, and radiation-curable adhesives are included. The industry analysis gives a complete assessment of the structure of the adhesive business, including detailed profiles of the leading 54 principal merchant adhesive forumulators and their adhesive sales by market segment. Acquisition opportunities also are appraised.

The subscription fee is $13,000. A free brochure with a table of contents is available. Visit

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