P-S Acrylic Adhesive

SPENCER, MA | FLEXcon has introduced the FLEXmount V-326 permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, designed to bond to a variety of substrates in high temperature assembly applications in various industries. This all-purpose adhesive also has improved die cutting capabilities. The product was made with a high level of resistance to ooze so that it will not stick to the die.

FLEXmount V-326 is part of the FLEXmount line of permanent pressure-sensitive adhesives. FLEXmount V-326 originally was produced to bond to Rogers Corp.'s PORON urethane foams and often is used in cell phone, automotive, and aerospace applications. It is said to be ideal for bonding to metals, as well as low and high surface energy plastics. See flexcon.com.

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