PDAA Members are FLEXcon Certified Installers


SPENCER, MA—Members of the Professional Decal Application Assn. (PDAA) are the first professionals to qualify for the FLEXcon-certified installers list for installation of vinyl graphic applications using FLEXcon products.

“With FLEXcon certification, brand owners can be assured an experienced, professional installation company familiar in the use of FLEXcon materials will install the graphics,” states Roland Castonguay, market development representative for FLEXcon’s Product Branding business team. Each certified company also needs to be in business a minimum of three years and be fully insured for their work.

The PDAA was founded in 1976 by a group of independent vinyl installation companies with the intent to learn from each other and network on large nationwide installation projects. The association has grown since to 42 members of certified installation experts in the field of decals and graphics applications.

To find FLEXcon-certified vinyl application installers, visit pdaa.com. For more information, visit flexcon.com.

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