Degussa Raises Prices


PARSNIPPANY, NJ—Effective June 15, 2005, or as contract terms allow, the Industrial Specialties business of Goldschmidt Chemical Corp.—a wholly owned subsidiary of Degussa—is significantly increasing its prices across the board in North America for all oleochemical derivative products. The increases apply to list and off-list prices and will be a minimum of 5%, depending on the product.

In addition, Degussa’s Peroxygen Chemicals business announced today that it will raise prices for its entire line of QUAB cationizing reagents worldwide between 15%-25%, effective July 1, 2005, or as current contracts allow. Specifically, the increase affects the QUAB 188, 151, and specialty product lines.

QUAB cationizing reagents are quaternary ammonium compounds designed to impart a positive charge onto natural and synthetic polymer substrates. Their primary use is in the production of cationic starches that are subsequently used as process additives in the manufacture of high quality paper and paperboard. For more information on either increase, see

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