Esko-Graphics Secures Scope Workflow with Certified PDF


GENT, BELGIUM—Esko-Graphics has implemented Certified PDF file creation and preflighting as available options in its Scope workflow. The format is designed to meet the preflight requirements of modern prepress workflows and is based on the Enfocus PitStop profiles defined by the Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG). GWG is an international assembly of industry associations whose goal is to establish and distribute process specification for best practices in graphic arts workflows. Esko-Graphics is an active member. Ekso-Graphics also provides instructions to create a Certified PDF file that complies with the preflight profiles of the GWG. PDF creation through the Scope OutRight engine is identical in all Scope applications.

For more information, including a white paper about the integration of Certified PDF Technology in the Scope workflow, visit

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