US Specialty Film Demand Expected to Increase


CLEVELAND, OH—According to Specialty Films, a new study from the Freedonia Group, demand for specialty films is expected to increas over 5% per year to $7.4 billion in 2009. Gains will be driven primarily by expanding demand for conductive and other films used in the electronics industry as well as certain water-soluble films—specifically fast dissolving oral strips that contain breath freshening, nutritional, or medical compounds. Light control, safety and security, and barrier packaging films will also record gains at or above the average through 2009. Decorative and breathable films will see slower increases.

US Specialty Films Demand
million dollars
% Annual Growth
Item 1999 2004 2009 04/99 09/04
Specialty Films Demand 4,748 5,766 7,410 4.0 5.1
Barrier Films 2,140 2,835 3,660 5.8 5.2
Decorative Films 1,080 1,110 1,280 0.5 2.9
Breathable Films 393 495 595 4.7 3.7
Conductive Films 505 481 720 -1.0 8.4
Water-Soluble Films 34 120 220 28.7 12.9
Safety/Secure, Light Control & Other 596 725 935 4.0 5.2
Source: ©2003 by The Freedonia Group

Barrier films represent the largest group of specialty films, accounting for nearly half of total demand in 2004. Growth areas for these films— used primarily in packaging applications—include modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), controlled atmosphere packaging (CAP), and case-ready meat packaging, as well as a wide variety of pouches, bags, and liners with improved barrier qualities.

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